Agent Spotlight: Aliyah Hildigunnarsson

Staff December 15, 2023

Here in Western Massachusetts, Aliyah Hildigunnarsson, who has a smile that lights up a room, is a passionate Realtor at Gallagher Real Estate. Coming from a childhood shaped by parents that built their family’s new homes, Aliyah found her calling early on.

Let's jump into the world of this dynamic real estate professional and discover more about her.

Early Inspirations

From a young age, Aliyah's life was intertwined with the process of building homes, thanks to her parents who built the homes they lived in. Meeting numerous realtors along the way, she developed a keen understanding and love for the real estate industry and the inspiration from those early experiences fueled her desire to become a realtor as an adult.

Today, Aliyah's favorite part of being a realtor at Gallagher Real Estate lies in the joy of helping clients sell their homes and discover the new perfect place.

She believes entering a home for the first time is a creative adventure. Exploring different layouts, with her unique ability to envision the potential of each space, allows her to provide clients with a diverse perspective. This helps them see the possibilities within a property they may not see for themselves.

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience, and Aliyah's mission is to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.


Tales from the Real Estate Trenches

Being a real estate agent is not for the faint at heart. There’s twists and turns and unexpected surprises around every corner. Although Aliyah says she hasn't encountered anything too out of the ordinary, she did mention one unexpected discovery during a showing. "We found a few dead mice in the basement," Aliyah said, "which killed the deal for my clients." 

Such unexpected twists can undoubtedly make the real estate journey a memorable but interesting one.


Realty Dreams Beyond Reality

Have you ever imagined living and working in a fictional universe? What about selling real estate to your favorite cartoon characters? The allure of finding and touring castles fit for the King and Queens from our beloved fairy tales has captured Aliyah’s imagination and says if she were to sell real estate in one fictional universe it would be Disney.

No doubt dancing cupboards and broomsticks would make the job a magical one, and meeting talking mice in the basement would certainly be better than dead ones.     


Recharging through Passion

When Aliyah isn’t working as a Realtor, or relaxing at home with her two cats (read: fur babies) named Munchkin and Crescendo, you'll find her at the gym, bartending, or indulging in her passion for painting.

According to Aliyah, bartending has allowed her to connect with new people along the way, creating what she calls “little families” at each place she works. But it’s her passion for the gym and painting that help her unwind and recharge, a sentiment that resonates with anyone in this demanding profession.


Beyond Western Massachusetts

Aliyah has traveled to many places, but Hawaii, Iceland, and Amsterdam hold a special place in her heart. Three beautiful destinations, all unique in their own way. “Each of these places,” Aliyah says, “has provided phenomenal memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Today, these unforgettable memories continue to inspire her, showcasing the transformative power of travel. 


Words to Live By

Aliyah Hildigunnarsson is a real estate agent with an endearing personality and a mantra we should all live by: "Anything you want in life is achievable; you have to apply yourself. Be a go-getter for YOU." With this, Aliyah continues to turn dreams into reality with Gallagher Real Estate, one home at a time.

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